Lhotzky und Partner Ausbau Erdtank

Lhotzky und Partner Projektmanagement

Remediation of a petrol station under pressure of time

The project task for Lhotzky and Partners:

  1. Removal of fuel tanks
  2. Complete demolition of the service station edific

and both of it at an inner city arterial road.

Lhotzky and Partners plan petrol station remediation

In detail the order for the remediation of the petrol station included

  • excavation of two underground tanks – without demolition of the station edifice – and
  • entire demolition of the service station with final removal of all tanks followed by remediation works by means of soil replacement

Normally the removal of underground tanks with total or partial demolition and subsequent soil remediation is not an exceptional challenge for our planning teams. Here however more exceptional issues than usual had to be considered.


Project plan for meticulous removal in an inner city area

The exceptional challenges of this projecting order were numerous:

  • On the one hand the underground tank should be lifted over the still remaining canopy of the petrol station.
  • On the other hand this had to be done in the middle of the city at an arterial road. Because the traffic had to be blocked for this time, the removal had not only to be done precisely on a centimeter but also at a good pace.
  • Accordingly for the subsequent transport of the tanks there was only a tight time slot for the mobile crane and the flatbed truck.


Our proven excavation-, demolition- and remediation-concepts did worked very well, even under those complicated conditions! Without competent experienced company partners these kind of projects can’t be implemented even with best possible planning. In this demolition all involved teams worked together perfectly!