Lhotzky and partner remediation of remains by air sparging: Area with air sparging injection lances and supply container

Lhotzky und Partner Umwelttechnik

Remediation of remains by air sparging

Lhotzky and Partners was tasked with the remediation of a soil bound organic contamination by means of Airsparging treatment.

Air sparging treatment removes organic contamination

By means of air sparging treatment, organic contaminations in the saturated soil region can be removed. A prerequisite for the success of this method of soil treatment is the biological availability of organic pollutants for the micro-organisms in the underground.

Lhotzky and Partners installs purge techniques

In this project our part was – besides general conception and project planning-

  • Installation of injection lances on site as well as
  • Implementation of the complete measurement and control technique of the air sparging-system.

Mode of operation of the air sparging method

With this method additional oxygen is “sparged” by lances into the groundwater. The oxygen activates the biological reduction of the organic pollution by micro-organisms.

The oxygens path into the ground

The air for the enrichment of the groundwater with oxygen is generated by a compressor. By means of air hoses that are connected to the compressor, the high oxygen content air is lead to the lance-pipes and through those directly into the groundwater. The amount of oxygen that is delivered into the underground in this manner is regulated by a control system.


Implementation – with aspiration of contaminated soil vapor

Additionally the whole working area was covered by a resilient and UV- resistant foil. Vacuum pipes were placed underneath the foil. By the aspiration a potential uncontrolled exhaust of contaminated soil vapor is inhibited. The aspirated air was cleaned subsequently by activated carbon filters.