Lhotzky and partner geostructural monitoring

Lhotzky und Partner BaumesstechnikGeostructural monitoring

Lhotzky and Partners develops individual monitoring strategies and applies its unique hydrostatic measuring system (in German: “Hydrostatische Linienvermessung”) to record extensive horizontal transects continuously. This allows for settlement sensitive building grounds a monitoring of particular levels as well as their variation over time.
Learn more about the hydrostatic line measurement process here.

Ihre Ansprechpartner

Philipp Kroj
Tel. +49 531 23 77 94-19

Felix Plath
Tel. +49 531 23 77 94-11

Hydrostatic line

The method of hydrostatic line measurement provides lots of benefits, primarily in the fields

  • civil engineering surface and underground
  • road construction
  • civil engineering hydraulics
  • tunneling
  • pipeline construction
  • sewer construction
  • open pit mining
  • mining
  • waste dumping

Up to date
data technologies

Take advantage of our sophisticated modern data processing capabilities for

  • collapse sink alarm systems
  • level inspection and monitoring of all kinds of pipelines
  • inspection and monitoring of riverbeds
  • monitoring of pore water pressure

Attendant structure
work monitoring

In a web application we hold the acquired measurement data and the latest respective status diagrams available. For our customers we provide an online access to the data reports.

  • data acquisition
  • data processing
  • visualization and provision of results on a password protected website

This keeps it simple for our customers to gather up to date information quickly.

Reference projects

Lhotzky and Partner Monitoring at a gasometric station construction site: Installation of the measuring hose in tight loops to detect a possible tilting or nonuniform settlement of the gasomertic station