Lhotzky and Partner Monitoring at a gasometric station construction site: Installation of the measuring hose in tight loops to detect a possible tilting or nonuniform settlement of the gasomertic station

Lhotzky und Partner Hydrostatische Linienvermessung

Monitoring at a gasometric station construction site

On this mission the conception, planning and implementation of the monitoring at a construction site of a gasometric station was delegated to Lhotzky and Partners engineering company.

Planning and Implementation of a settlement-monitoring

The gasometric station was to be placed on a ground sensible to settlements, the clients description said. For the construction-monitoring we designed a typical settlement survey. In this case the construction is monitored continuously by a hydrostatic measuring system installed in the ground mat of the construction.


Installation of a hydrostatic measuring system

According to our design, first of all we placed our measuring hose orthogonally on top of the foundation plate. The loops were quite tight this time. In this way a possible tilting or nonuniform settlements of the gasometric station can be measured with the highest precision. Additionally we installed an empty tube for temperature measurements.

Hereafter the installation was carefully doused with concrete to produce a plain foundation plate. Already at this state of the construction, a reference measurement of the level was taken. As soon as the gasometric station was built up on the prepared plate, we started to take follow-up measurements.

Measuring system with little space requirements

The two final pictures in the gallery show the Installation of the measuring hoses ends in the gasometric station. Our measuring system requires only little space. This provides a normal and undisturbed operation for the station.