Lhotzky and partner environmental engineering

Lhotzky und Partner UmwelttechnikEnvironmental engineering

Lhotzky and Partners has a good deal of know how and experience in the field of measuring and sampling technique – especially for

  • groundwater analysis,
  • soil examination and
  • soil vapour examination.

Ihre Ansprechpartner

Munis Demirel
Tel. +49 531 23 77 94-16

Stefan Lhotzky
Tel. +49 531 23 77 94-13


Measurement and sampling

  • recording of main parameters in vertical transects
  • groundwater monitoring wells
  • sampling at particular levels of depth
  • pump sampling
  • drilling of groundwater wells (Nordmeyer RSB 0/1.4)

Most exact localization

Benefit from our

  • sophisticated survey and
  • sampling methods

to precisely localize groundwater contaminations and their direction of migration.


Soil vapour

Sounding and sampling

  • driving core sounding
  • sampling of debris and excavated material (PN90)
  • sampling on areas according to German BBodSchV

Reliable results and evaluations

We care for an appropriate, professional and site specific extraction of soil samples i.a.

  • polluted sites,
  • areas of excavation and
  • agricultural land.

On this basis we gain dependable and representative results that allow for a stable assessment of the survey

Soil vapour sampling

  • on activated carbon
  • in gas sampling tubes
  • in aluminium laminated gas sampling bags
  • PID measurements

Reference projects

Lhotzky and partner remediation of remains by air sparging: Area with air sparging injection lances and supply container