Lhotzky and partner Groundwater remediation at a petrol station site: Endladung der Grundwassersanierungsanlage/-komponenten vom Tieflader

Lhotzky und Partner Projektmanagement

Groundwater remediation at a petrol station site

The task for Lhotzky and Partners was:
Groundwater remediation after soil rehab and removal of underground tanks at a petrol station.

Clean up of the petrol station and groundwater treatment

The background of the mission was as follows:
At the petrol station an underground contamination by carburetor fuel (petrol) was detected. The contamination reached to the groundwater-saturated soil level and had already formed a contamination plume. Our concept provided, after removal of underground tanks and replacement of contaminated soil, the installation of a groundwater remediation system for VOC (volatile chlorinated hydrocarbons) contaminated Groundwater.

Remediation plan in 8 steps

Accordingly we planned several consecutive phases for the remediation of the petrol station:

  1. Dismantling of the stations canopy
  2. Removal of the underground tanks
  3. Replacement of contaminated soil as far as technically feasible
  4. Reconstruction of infrastructure (tanks / canopy)
  5. Drilling of remediation wells
  6. Installation of a pump and treat groundwater remediation system (clean up with activated carbon)
  7. Operation of the remediation system (5 m³/h), removal of the residual contamination / plume in groundwater with groundwater monitoring in parallel
  8. Purification of groundwater down to pollutant concentrations in the region of the minor threshold value

The pictures show the unloading of the remediation system container and the positioning at the petrol station site