Lhotzky und Partner Baumesstechnik

Lhotzky-Team at dump symposium

Planning, construction, operation, decommissioning, maintenance and reuse of waste disposal sites are again the topics in Leipzig. Lhotzky and Partners was present with their hydrostatic line measuring system.

Hydrostatic line measurement in Leipzig

Especially at dumpsites hydrostatic line measurement has successfully proven its worth over the years. Therefore our colleague Georg Friedl presented the outstanding technique of line measurement at the exhibition that comes along with the expert conference in Leipzig. He i. a. explained, how on a dumpsite, how on a dumpsite

  • the settlement survey of both the final covering and the geological barrier can be managed reliably and
  • how the subsequent installation into old collapse-endangered measuring pipes can ensure a long term and reliable settlement survey.

Settlement survey from the very practical point of view

In addition, at our stand the expert visitors got to know numerous sample applications from dumpsites or from the geotechnical sector – and of course our unique measuring hardware.

Dump symposium in Leipzig

The two day expert conference is hosted by the Leipzig University of Applied Sciences -faculty of civil engineering- in collaboration with the regional authorities for environmental protection of Sachsen, Sachsen-Anhalt and Brandenburg.

On the LDFT-website you can find detailed information on

  • conference schedule
  • registration
  • access and accommodation